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Case Study: KrisEnergy Cambodia

February, 2021

Case Study: KrisEnergy Cambodia

The KrisEnergy-operated Apsara oil field is Cambodia’s first hydrocarbon development, which could mark an unprecedented milestone in the economic growth of the Southeast Asian nation. OSRL is fortunate to witness and play a role in this significant event by advising the first upstream producer (KrisEnergy) in Cambodia in the planning and writing of the Oil Spill Contingency Plan (OSCP).

Virtual Incident Management Addendum

December, 2020 By: Tim Coombs, Edelina Melisa, Dennis Peach, Andrew Couch

Virtual Incident Management Addendum

The downloadable document covers managing an incident remotely from the office or home. Providing critical information and tips.

Case Study: Puma Energy PNG

September, 2020

Case Study: ExxonMobil PNG Preparedness Activities

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) conducted a Capability Review for Puma Energy PNG Refining Ltd (PEPNG) for their refineries and terminals situated in Port Moresby and Lae in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

This study revisited the implementation of OSRL recommendations on Tier 1 capability for PEPNG which was conducted in 2016 and explored the potential preparedness and response capability improvements, with focus on Tier 2 capability. 

Recorded Webinar : Revisiting Oil Spill Capability Review

July, 2020 By: Norman Ramos and Shahreena Shahnavas

Recorded Webinar : Revisiting Oil Spill Capability Review

This webinar intends to revisit Oil Spill Response Capability Review as an effective preparedness tool. The capability review provides holistic, effective and efficient view of what an ideal oil spill preparedness should like that is appropriate to specific operations.

Webinar - Are You Ready To Respond

May, 2020 By: Tristan Barston

Recorded Webinar: Are You Ready To Respond?

Assessing your Oil Spill Risk, likelihoods and consequences; Preparedness Planning, Documentation, Notification and Mobilization procedures, Emergency Response and Incident Management Team staffing requirements; Response Resource identification, activation, and deployment; Maintaining Response Readiness.


Preparedness Services in Suriname

December, 2019

Preparedness Services in Suriname

As part of Staatsolie’s planned nearshore exploration drilling campaign for Blocks A, B, and C in Suriname, Staatsolie approached Oil Spill Response Limited to work with them on their oil spill preparedness activities. This case study highlights the preparedness services, successful delivery and positive learnings accomplished through the close collaboration between OSRL, Staatsolie, and its contractors.

Improving Thailand’s oil spill preparedness strategy

July, 2018

An Exercise Evolving into a Real Emergency Management

OSRL was engaged by Thailand’sIESG (Oil Industry Environmental Safety Group Association) to assess its oil spill response equipment stockpile and its capability to support in-country oil spill responses, up to Tier 2. Thailand’s Tier 2 capability is unique; representing a coalition between the government, IESG, and its constituent member organisations.

The following case study highlights the scale of the capability review which was completed and the resulting improvement recommendations delivered to all three parties regarding their current equipment stockpile management in terms of quantity, strategic placement and maintenance regime.

OSRL supports CEPSA to improve their global oil spill response capability

November, 2017

OSRL supports CEPSA to improve their global oil spill response capability

Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) conducted a Global Capability Review for Compañía Española de Petróleos (CEPSA) in 2016.

The Capability Review was part of an initiative to identify any gaps in oil spill preparedness and response capability in some of CEPSA’s Exploration and Production assets around the world.

Case Study: ExxonMobil PNG Preparedness Activities

January, 2016

Case Study: ExxonMobil PNG Preparedness Activities

2015 was the second year OSRL continued working with ExxonMobil PNG Limited (EMPNG) to maintain and develop oil spill response preparedness activities at their facilities in Papua New Guinea.

Technical Information Sheet - Contingency Planning

Technical Information Sheet - Contingency Planning

The contingency planning process is a structured approach to developing a spill response capability. It allows an effective initial response to an oil spill, in addition to sustaining an ongoing response proportionate to the risk.