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Recorded Webinar : Oil Properties and Their Impacts on Oil Spills

May, 2020 By: Edgar Gerasmia

Recorded Webinar : Oil Properties and Their Impacts on Oil Spills

Knowing the properties of oil is important for effective spill response. Our Trainer, Edgar Gerasmia discusses the following key points during the webinar:

  • Identify the key properties of oil relevant on oil spills
  • Understand how each property shaped the response decisions
  • How does the properties affect the fate (weathering) of oil


Recorded Webinar: Aerial Surveillance - How confident am I with identifying and quantifying oil spills?

May, 2020 By: Daniel White

Recorded Webinar: Aerial Surveillance

Aerial observation with trained observers is a surveillance method that is often relied upon and considered critical to an effective response. During the webinar our surveillance experts Dan White and Matthew Low will provide you with fundamentals of effective aerial surveillance mission. They will also analyse images from real oil spills and explain importance of interpretation of collected data. 

Webinar - Socioeconomic Impacts of Marine Oil Spills

May, 2020 By: Norman Ramos

Recorded Webinar:Socioeconomic Impacts of Marine Oil Spills

Marine oil spills do not only have environmental effects but socio-economic effects as well. In this webinar, our APAC Training and Consultant Lead - Mr. Norman Lorica Ramos will walk through with you some of the socio-economic effects through a case study and highlight considerations needed for holistic decision making.


Webinar - Are You Ready To Respond

May, 2020 By: Tristan Barston

Recorded Webinar: Are You Ready To Respond?

Assessing your Oil Spill Risk, likelihoods and consequences; Preparedness Planning, Documentation, Notification and Mobilization procedures, Emergency Response and Incident Management Team staffing requirements; Response Resource identification, activation, and deployment; Maintaining Response Readiness.


Recorded Webinar: ¿Está listo para una respuesta a derrames_ Una guía para la autoevaluación

May, 2020 By: Adriana Handszer

¿Está listo para una respuesta a derrames_ Una guía para la autoevaluación

Los temas cubiertos en esta sesión incluyen:


  • Evaluar su riesgo de derrame de petróleo, probabilidades y consecuencias;
  • Planificación de la preparación, documentación, notificación y procedimientos de movilización,
  • Requisitos de personal del equipo de respuesta a emergencias y gestión de incidentes;
  • Respuesta Identificación, activación y despliegue de recursos;
  • Mantener la preparación para la respuesta.




Webinar - Bridging Research to Response

May, 2020 By: Rob Holland, Paul Schuler

Recorded Webinar:Bridging Research to Response

Often technical advances are made through key industry-academic alliances in a diverse range of engineering, medical and scientific disciplines.  Oil spill response studies are no stranger to research programmes within the academic / R&D community and have advanced our knowledge, understanding and capability significantly over the last 50 years.  This webinar discusses the merits and leverage potential of “Bridging Research to Response” and offers suggestions for future collaborations potentially adding value to all spill stakeholders.



Webinar - Developments in Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Techniques (SCAT)

May, 2020 By: Rob Holland, Paul Bunker

Recorded Webinar: Developments and Innovations in Shoreline Cleanup and Assessment Techniques (SCAT)

The OSRL Shoreline Subject Matter Expert (SME) Core Group, together with guest speaker Paul Bunker from Chiron K9, introduce some of the latest innovations and developments in shoreline response. Using recent field experience, the group will discuss the continual evolution of Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Techniques (SCAT), its multi-role purpose and the meaningful visualisations produced to guide response technique selection. The Shoreline Response Programme steer and guide how OSRL’s shoreline assessment, response and restoration activities are managed in a single coherent approach.



Webinar - Integrated Response and Inland

May, 2020 By: Nick Dyer

Recorded Webinar: Integrated Response and Inland

Response Specialist, Nick Dyer will draw on the experience of Oil Spill Response Limited and REGENESIS groundwater technologies, and discuss how conventional spill response clean-up methods could affect groundwater and subsoil clean-up. 


OSRL Response Readiness Member Q&A Session

April, 2020 By: Liam Harrington-Missin, Andy Myers, Paul Foley and James Burroughs

Recorded Webinar: Introducing the Readiness Dashboard

In order to update our members OSRL's response readiness under COVID 19, we hosted a Q&A session. In the session, Liam Harrington-Missin introduced the Response Readiness Dashboard and country plans that have been made available on the website. Global Logistics Manager, James Burroughs, Response Managers Paul Foley and Dave Rouse and SWIS Director Andy Myers answered member's questions about measures taken to mitigate any restrictions on our ability to mobilise personnel and equipment.



COVID 19 Update: Aviation and Global Dispersant Stockpile

May, 2020 By: Shane Jacobs and James Burroughs

COVID Update: Aviation and Global Dispersant Stockpile

The global response to COVID-19 pandemic has seen unprecedented travel restrictions and the creation of second and third order consequences for international freight movement.  As a global response organisation, OSRL is facing the challenge of finding safe and efficient ways to support its Membership and maintain its response services to spill incidents.  

OSRL’s Global Aviation and Dispersants team explains the implications of market uncertainty and their actions taken to deal with  the disruption created by the COVID-19 crisis. This webinar will look at continuity plans for aerial dispersant services and the Global Dispersant Stockpile specifically addressing;

  • Service Availability for 727, WASP, UKCS & RIDDS,
  • Service availability for Satellite Imagery and UAV Services
  • Actions being taken by Service Providers
  • Summary of OSRL dispersant inventory status.
  • Supply chain updates, Schutz, Dasic, Total and Ecolab (formally Nalco).