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Recorded Webinar: An Introduction to Dispersants

November, 2015 By: Lucy Heathcote and Melany Carter-Groves

Recorded Webinar: Surveillance in Oil Spill Response

Catch up on our Introduction to Dispersants webinar when our oil spill experts gave an overview of dispersants covering the topics of Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA), the Joint Industry Project (JIP), application types, timings, logistics approvals and monitoring.

Recorded Webinar: Subsea Well Response Ready Check

November, 2015 By: James Burroughs and Andy Meyers

Recorded Webinar: Subsea Well Response Ready Check

Well Capping and Well Containment are complex, cross-functional activities with significant logistical and operational considerations. 
A Well Owner faces a myriad of challenges when reacting to a Well Control scenario. This includes the management of complex, time critical, logistical operations to mobilise assets to the incident location, followed by engagement with specialist organisations to deploy equipment to gain control of the well. Extensive pre-planning and regular exercising will assure response readiness.

This recorded webinar provides an overview of mobilising OSRL's Subsea Well Intervention Services and discusses the critical areas Well Owners need to consider in the event of a mobilisation.

Recorded Webinar: Beyond the Model

October, 2015 By: Liam Harrington-Missen

Recorded Webinar: Beyond the Model

In this engaging talk, Liam, OSRL's Geomatics Lead and globally recognised specialist, gives his view on the state of oil spill modelling, discussing how specialist teams take the model data further to best provide information to a decision support tool.

Recorded Webinar: Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique

October, 2015 By: Rob Holland and Katy Stuart

Recorded Webinar: Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique

The shoreline clean-up phase can be the most time consuming and expensive part of any oil spill response operation. Watch this webinar to learn about the strategic and technical aspects of Shoreline Clean-up Assessment Technique (SCAT)

Oil Spill Response Advanced Responder Course

June, 2017

Oil Spill Response Advanced Responder Course

Over the last three decades, Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) has trained all of its oil spill specialists globally to the highest industry spill response standards. 

The exclusive and industry leading OSRL Advanced Responder Course is taking place in September and is open to all members providing them with the opportunity to achieve this pinnacle benchmark in spill response capability.

Recorded Webinar: Net Environment Benefit Analysis

August, 2015 By: Rob Holland, Dave Rouse and Rosie Buse

Recorded Webinar: Net Environment Benefit Analysis

Recording from Oil Spill Response Limited's Net Environmental Benefit Analysis webinar featuring Rob Holland, Dave Rouse and Rosie Buse who co-authored the new IOGP-IPIECA Good Practice Guide for NEBA and assisted in the review of other volumes in the series.  

Offset Installation Equipment

October, 2017

Offset Installation Equipment

This animation describes how an offset installation system would enable the removal and installation of equipment during scenarios when direct vertical access to a wellhead may not be possible.

Tersus Dispersant Delivery System

tersus System