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Response Case Studies 2011

July, 2015


North Sea: This case study on a production incident in the North Sea illustrates how OSRL managed to integrate smoothly into a Member's response structure, giving them immediate access to critical resources, while planning for the worst case scenario. 

MV Rena: This case study on a shipping incident in New Zealand explains how our ICS knowledge and experience from the Montara and Macondo responses were utilised effectively.

Response Case Studies 2012

July, 2015


North Sea: An OSRL Technical Advisor was integrated into the Member's response structure, providing immediate access to equipment resources that were quickly mobilised to the site.

Iraq: OSRL was requested to provide technical advice for a leak from a tank at an inland storage facility belonging to a non-Member. The provision of technical advice by OSRL ensured that the incident was resolved in a timely fashion, minimising the impact on the environment in a fast and efficient way.

Response Case Studies 2013

July, 2015


Ecuador: This case study illustrates OSRL's response during a pipeline spill which made its way into the Amazon River's tributaries.

Singapore: This case study reflects the quick response of OSRL during a vessel collision along an important commercial route.

Preparedness Case Studies 2011

July, 2015


Tanzania: This case study demonstrates the benefits that OSRL were able to bring to an operating region's Members as a result of the training conducted and work done.

Indonesia: This case study illustrates the convenience brought to a Member who signed up for a single contract for a full range of preparedness services.

Preparedness Case Studies 2012

July, 2015


Cuba: OSRL was well placed to provide further support to several operators planning to undertake exploratory drilling campaigns offshore during 2012. Operators that had previously been aware of OSRL's response capability took the opportunity to utilise a range of services to enhance oil spill preparedness. 

Indonesia: This case study highlights the close working relationship OSRL has with one of our Members in Indonesia where we were involved extensively in their preparedness plans.

Preparedness Case Studies 2013

July, 2015


Australia: OSRL helps a Member increase response capability as regulatory requirements become more stringent. 

French Guinea: this is OSRL's first regional mobilisation exercise in the Americas after its merger with CCA, conducted with Shell Americas Response Team and Shell Exploration and Production France.

Confident Ambassadors - Net Environment Benefit Analysis for Effective Oil Spill Response

July, 2015


This presentation explains about NEBA and how it can be used as a proactive process for minimizing impact on the environment and our society. 

Confident Ambassadors - The role of Dispersants in Oil Spill Response

July, 2015

This presentation shares the facts about dispersants, and highlights their role within a concerted response effort. 

Case Study - Enhanced Responder Training

August, 2015 By: Chris Miles, Principal Trainer

Enhanced Responder Training

Read how OSRL developed and designed an Enhanced Responder Training programme to train Petrobras Responders in Brazil at the sites of their response bases and enabled Petrobras to roll-out a longer term training programme across the Petrobras Response Bases to raise preparedness levels.

Recorded Webinar: An Introduction to Dispersants

November, 2015 By: Lucy Heathcote and Melany Carter-Groves

Recorded Webinar: Surveillance in Oil Spill Response

Catch up on our Introduction to Dispersants webinar when our oil spill experts gave an overview of dispersants covering the topics of Net Environmental Benefit Analysis (NEBA), the Joint Industry Project (JIP), application types, timings, logistics approvals and monitoring.