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Offset Installation Equipment -                             Bringing an industry first to our members

We are now ready to offer our Members the opportunity to gain access to the innovative Offset Installation Equipment from the Subsea Well Intervention Project (SWRP). The equipment is for use in the event of a subsea well incident, where vertical well access by vessel is not possible. It will be available through a SWIS supplementary agreement.

With this new equipment our Members can enable responding personnel to remove debris or install capping or related equipment at a safe offset distance from an incident site.

The Offset Installation Equipment includes a carrier with adjustable buoyancy provided by ballast tanks. Positioning is controlled through mooring and pennant lines. It can also be fitted with shears to support debris clearance operations. With a working depth range of 75m-600m, and the ability to be deployed up to 400-500m offset from an incident well, this is an exciting new development in the industry.


Key features:

  • OIE can be deployed up to 400-500m offset from an incident site
  • Suitable for use in a working depth range of 75-600m
  • Compatible with OSRL's capping and containment equipment
  • Appropriate for a range of operations including the deployment of a capping stack or containment equipment. It can also be fitted with cutting shears to remove debris
  • Available to the international oil and gas industry via membership of OSRL plus a supplementary subscription