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Shoreline and Offshore Combined Practical Days

This is a two-day practical that contains all elements to upgrade an OPEP 3 to an OPEP 4. 

2 Day

Course details

This training will cover the tactical elements of oil spill response through a shoreline and vessel oil spill response equipment deployment. It reinforces theory training by completing a practical deployment of response equipment.  

It is a two-day practical that contains all elements to upgrade an OPEP 3 to an OPEP 4.  

It could also be completed after a remote theory course to upgrade theory certificates to fully accredited certificates as described below. Note that single practical days would also allow fulfilling this accreditation requirement, but this double practical day is suitable for those wishing to gain hands-on experience in both shoreline and offshore deployments.  

If taken following the Remote on Scene Commander Level 2 course to you will be awarded an accredited IMO Level 2 certificate.  

The training will build on oil spill theory training to increase knowledge, competence and team building. It is based on given oil spill scenarios. 


Is this course for me?  

To attend this course, you must have completed an OPEP 3, Remote On-Scene Commanders course.  


What will I learn?  


This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:  

  • A review of offshore and shoreline oil spill response tactical options.  
  • A review of response equipment and choosing the correct response equipment for a given scenario.  
  • Site safety, vessel safety and site set-up.  
  • Deployment principles and practicalities.  
  • Recovery equipment and site waste management.  
  • Equipment recovery and site termination.  

Course programme for each practical day: 

  • Introductions.   
  • A review of oil spill response tactical options.  
  • Introduction to the exercise scenario.  
  • Exercise planning and preparation.  
  • Site/vessel safety and set-up.  
  • Deployment of response equipment.  
  • Waste considerations.  
  • Equipment recovery and exercise termination.  
  • Exercise debrief.  
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There are currently no sessions available for this course. If you would like to register your interest in taking this course in the future, please let us know.