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Remote OPRC (IMO Equivalent) Refresher

Refresh and develop both your operational, tactical and strategic skills in spill response management, allowing you to make effective and efficient decisions with this training course. 

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8 hours split over 2 days
OPRC IMO Equivalent Refresher

Course details

Industry Best Practice suggests that training should be refreshed on a three yearly basis otherwise the skills and knowledge gained will not be remembered when it will be needed the most. In the event of an Oil Spill Response, which is not part of most people's day to day responsibility, knowledge retention is even harder. This course, using an incident scenario and ‘time outs’ to refresh specific topics, covers all the information necessary from initial response, through the incident, until an incident terminates and is a must to maintain the skills to manage response operations.      


This training course, designed to refresh previous training by drawing the information from the delegates, will use an incident-based scenario to develop a sound understanding of response operations, any areas which require further training or updating knowledge will be delivered at the appropriate stage in the response by the use of a ‘time-out training session’ 

This course refreshes all standards of IMO training from IMO 1 through to IMO 3. See our Standards page for more information. 

Is this course for me? 

This course refreshes all levels of IMO training so is perfect for those that need to refresh and update their oil spill response knowledge. It is suitable for those who are operational supervisors, site safety or environmental support positions and Incident Management Teams or Emergency Response Team including On-Scene Commanders. 

  • Operational Supervisors 
  • Personnel required to operate within an Incident Management Team (IMT) or Emergency Response Team, including site safety positions 
  • Operational staff responsible for setting strategic and tactical priorities and those required to conduct response tactics 
  • On-scene Commanders 
  • Planning staff with an environmental remit 

What will I learn? 

The table-top and theoretical sessions within this course aim to update you with the knowledge to become a key member of an oil spill response team;  

This course covers the following areas: 

  • Overview of oil spill response management  
  • Fates and effects of oil, potential environmental and economic impacts and the importance of preparedness 
  • Response techniques used during an incident including tactical preparation for conducting an offshore and shoreline response 
  • Importance of strategic decision making and media relations during response operations and the opportunity to practice skills 
  • Waste management and spill termination and the liabilities that sit with responsible parties 

Course programme 

  • Warm-up Task 1 What’s displayed in an ERC for use by the IMT? 
  • Introduction to the incident scenario  
  • Task 1 Notifications  
  • Task 2 Complete Pollution Report Form (POLREP) on scenario  
  • Time-out SessionTaught content: oil groups, weathering fates  
  • Task 3 Weathering FX  
  • Task 4 Modelling Interpretation  
  • Time-out SessionTaught content: Trajectory modelling  
  • Task 5 Trajectory Modelling  
  • Time-out SessionTaught content: Surveillance  
  • Task 6 Quantification  
  • Time-out SessionTaught content: Recap / Satellite  
  • Task 7 Dispersants Video / review  
  • Time-out SessionTaught content: Dispersants  
  • Task 8Offshore Response Strategy  
  • Task 9Media  
  • Task 10 Shoreline Response  
  • Discussion/FeedbackWaste Management debrief  
  • Discussion/FeedbackTermination debrief 

Preferred IT Platform: 

The Microsoft Teams training software is preferred, however, if it is not available to use please contact us to discuss other platforms.

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