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Inland Oil Spill Response


This course provides you with the knowledge required to initiate a successful inland response.

3 Days

Course details

An inland spill response encompasses different issues and requires a range of tactics dependant on a surface or sub-surface response. Develop your knowledge and enhance your practical skills during this fundamental course for inland oil spill response.

Strategies used within this environment are slightly different from that of marine spills. This course contains a practical damming exercise which allows you a good understanding of the strategy and tactics to use when spills occur within a flowing, shallow and narrow body of water, like a stream. Another practical exercise on this course is the river booming exercise to demonstrate how to respond if oil reaches a larger body of water, like a river with the additional difficulties that this response embraces.


Is this course for me?

This course is perfect for those required to plan for and/or respond to an inland oil spill incident. It is also ideal for those wishing to gain a better understanding and insight into inland oil spill response.

  • Operational Team Members supporting inland oil spill response operations
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders responsible for inland oil facilities including storage, pipelines and transportation
  • Government and local authority emergency response personnel
  • Those responsible for preparing contingency plans with an inland focus
  • Personnel involved in oil extraction


What will I learn?

Strategies adopted during an inland oil spill response vary greatly dependant on the environment and source of the spill. This course looks at the essentials of inland spill response including the different response techniques utilised within varying environments and the potential impacts. 

This course will give you the knowledge and understanding in the following areas:

  • The most common sources of inland oil spills including transfer operations, tanker rollover, pipeline failure and storage facility failure and associated strategies
  • Environmental and socio-economic impacts
  • Assessing impacted sites and the risk of secondary contamination
  • Waste management
  • Conducting two practical deployments; river booming and stream damming exercises to depict different inland environments and reinforce learning


Course Programme

Day 1

  • Overview of oil spill response
  • Site safety
  • Site assessment and set-up
  • Causes, fates and effects of inland spills
  • Oil behaviour exercise
  • Environmental and economic impact
  • Environmental exercise
  • Substrates and hydrates
  • Hazards to responders
  • Hazards exercise
  • Equipment overview and tour of our Tier 3 stockpile
  • Site set-up and operation


Day 2

  • Surface oiling response
  • Sub-surface recovery operations
  • Tanker roll-over response
  • Inland table-top exercise
  • Practical river exercise


Day 3

  • Waste management
  • Pipelines and pipe work
  • Damming practical exercise
  • Course debrief
  • Presentation of certificates
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