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Enhancing The Industry’s Capability To Respond To A Subsea Well Incident

OSRL's SWIS Containment Toolkit offers an opportunity to expand on existing subsea well response capability, and enhances a subscription to the capping stack system. If well shut-in is not possible, the Toolkit can be deployed; enabling the flow of well hydrocarbons from the capping stack to an offloading tanker and is designed for use with standard industry well test hardware, to create a containment system. The Toolkit uses long-lead equipment not readily available in the industry and minimises response times by allowing a responding well operator to draw on existing resources. The first Toolkit is now available and ready to use.

To ensure a quick response, we have stored the Toolkit in strategic locations around the world . The flexible flowlines and jumpers are stored in three regional sets in Brazil, Singapore and the UK. All other components can be moved by air and will be predominantly stored at the original equipment manufacturers' facilities in Houston, Norway and the UK.

Key Facts:

  • Usable with a wide range of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODUs) as capture vessels
  • Compatible with standard well test equipment
  • Stored in strategic locations around the world to facilitate a timely response

SWIS Containment Toolkit Specifications

Water Depth

Up to 3000m

Max Temperature

130oC (operation)

H2S Content

0 to 500ppmv

Design Operating Life


2 x 6month   deployments

Design Temperature (operation)

-1oC to 130oC

Design Temperature Storage

-20oC to 40oC

CO2 Content

0 to 10 mol   %


Air (Boeing 747-400 ERF; excluding  flexible flowlines, land and sea

Containment Toolkit Storage Life

20 Years



For locations, click here for our map.