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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

Oil Spill Response Limited Oil Spill Response Limited

UKCS Response Services -                                     Providing critical resources to UKCS operators

Operators undertaking exploration and production activities within the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) must demonstrate that they have access to aerial surveillance capability. To also give operators the ability to show due diligence when carrying out exploration and production activities in the region, our UKCS supplementary response services are available to all Members with oil and gas E&P facilities in UKCS waters. 


This includes the provision of UKCS Aerial Surveillance, the OSPRAG Capping Device, UKCS Dispersant Stockpile, UKCS Fishing Vessels, and Shetland Islands Tier II base resources in addition to the SLA capability of aerial spray and test-spraying with the Boeing 727. 


The UK Mutual Aid Framework Agreement

The UK Mutual Aid Framework Agreement (UK MAFA) is now in place. It aims to facilitate mutual aid of personnel between UK operators in the event of a sustained incident response. This initiative will allow for the potential sharing of specialist expertise and support between participating members. The UK MAFA is an additional value of membership to members of the existing OSRL UKCS Aerial Surveillance contract. OSRL will keep a registry of participating members and in the event of a participant's request for mutual aid during the mobilisation of OSRL, the registry of other participants' emergency contact details will be provided to the requesting party. Subsequently, operator to operator will define the support needed. 

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If you would like more information on any of the additional services or the UK MAFA, please contact our team.

Response Services

Our Members can benefit from access to OSRL’s UKCS Aerial Surveillance Service - available to all oil and gas operators in UKCS waters. It provides fast, Tier 2 response compliant with OPEP (previously DECC) aerial surveillance requirements and the UK legislative aerial surveillance requirements set out in the OPRC Convention.

We have everything in place to be able to provide our Members with access to aerial surveillance:

  • Navajo PA-31 on standby at Humberside Airport, UK. This is a dedicated aerial surveillance aircraft with advanced remote sensing and communication equipment.


We offer access to the UKCS Aerial Surveillance through a supplementary subscription to a Member’s existing Associate/Participant agreement.


UKCS Capability Statement

Need to reference response information in your OPEP?

We've produced a document detailing the resources available to Members subscribed to the UKCS Aerial Surveillance supplementary service, focusing on Tier 2 aerial surveillance and dispersant capability offered by OSRL. The purpose of providing a statement regarding these services means that it can be used within Members’ Oil Pollution Emergency Plans (OPEPs).

Read the latest UKCS Capability Statement.

Technical Information Sheet - Regional Response Service: UKCS Aviation

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UKCS Mobilisation and Logistics Plan

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One of the most effective measures to strengthen the UK's oil spill response capability was the development of a well capping device by UK Oil & Gas (OSPRAG), designed to seal off a subsea well and regain control in the unlikely event of a blowout. By having the access and ability to deploy such a stack, UKCS operators can show due diligence in their operations. We have made sure that our OSPRAG capping service provides Members operating within the UKCS access to the OSPRAG capping stack held in Aberdeen along with the proven logistics expertise to mobilise it to the port of departure.

We use the OSPRAG Capping Device as it was built specifically for wells in the UKCS. Its modular design and flexible connector interface allow for use on subsea oil wells across the North Sea including west of Shetland. It also features a transition adaptor designed to make the device suitable for the most common blowout preventer (BOP) and lower marine riser package (LMRP) connector interfaces in the UKCS.

We have increased the functionality of the equipment by introducing direct intervention capability. The capping device can now be connected to a surface vessel, allowing well kill or flow back operations to take place. Connection is via a subsea skid or direct connection to a vessel.

You can gain access to the OSPRAG Capping Device through a supplementary agreement to an existing Associate/Participant agreement.

Technical Info Sheet - OSPRAG Capping Device



The UKCS Dispersant Stockpile (UKDS) was procured for use by industry after recommendation from OSPRAG.

It provides our Members operating in the UKCS with essential access to dispersant stockpiles located in two strategic locations. The stockpile includes 500m3 Slickgone NS for exclusive use in the UKCS region. The dispersant is stored in IBCs in secured warehouses and we will provide all the logistics to get it where it needs to be.

Our Members can gain access to the UKCS dispersant stockpile through a supplementary agreement to an existing Associate/Participant agreement.

Technical Information Sheet -Regional Response Service: UKCS Dispersant Stockpile



UKDS Logistics Planning Guide


In conjunction with Marine Environmental Solutions Limited (MES), an offshore services specialist, enhancing oil spill preparedness and response capabilities for OSRL members within the North Sea (initially Scottish waters) is available through the UKCS Fishing Vessel Service via a supplementary agreement. The service consists of two key elements, response and preparedness. Any subscribing member can now benefit from guaranteed access to:

Two fishing vessels with the trained crew within 24 hours of notification and a further two vessels with trained crew within 48 hours.

Continuous availability of a minimum of four vessels, with a ‘best endeavours’ access up to eight additional vessels, until it is practical to demobilise.

Having this new service in place enhances the capability of the fishing vessel crews and puts in place a mechanism for them to be able to safely assist in a response if required.

MES is a subsidiary of SFF Services Limited (SFFSL), which is wholly owned by the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF), with approximately 100 SFF vessels identified as suitable for this service (out of a fleet of around 400+). As part of the agreement, OSRL will provide training to 12 SFF member fishing vessels annually. The training includes Response Safety, Surveillance, Boom Deployment and Towing, and Dispersant Operations. It continues a long history of delivering quality training in the North Sea, where OSRL is accredited to deliver UKCS specific education and preparedness.  

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Technical Information Sheet - Fishing Vessels Service

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This supplementary Tier 2 service is available to all Members with oil and gas E&P facilities that may have a pollution risk in the area of the Shetland Islands. The service allows access to the responders and the equipment stockpile based on the Shetland Islands. This stockpile includes both Offshore and Shoreline equipment. 


See the Shetland Scale of Fees for resources and pricing information.

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