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Building an Effective Crisis Management System: Structure, Skillset, and Mindset

For a truly effective crisis management team and functional crisis preparedness system, you need structure, skillset, and mindset. Our crisis management services cover all three of these capabilities and are tailored to your needs. Whether it is one-to-one leadership coaching, training an entire Crisis Management Team, writing a crisis management plan or playbook, or facilitating an exercise with an experienced sim-cell, we can help you to identify your weak spots and build your resilience for any crisis - whether that be an oil spill or a cyber attack.


The organisation / framework, operating procedures and policies, processes, decision-making tools, plans, the response room, the flipcharts / boards on the wall or the software platform to manage media and communications


The technical understanding and behavioural requirements of a role,  knowledge-based or skills-based, understanding of reputational risks, worst-case scenarios, competencies of a team and individuals.


An appreciation that our ability to perform in a given moment is largely determined by where we are placing our attention and how we are making sense of the situation. We approach mindset as a skill, it can be broken down and learnt.


No organisation is immune to a crisis - are you ready?

A crisis event can happen at any time to any company. In today's competitive market, can you afford not to have crisis preparedness in place? 

Today, companies face many challenges, such as mergers and acquisitions, inexperience and disconnect, restructuring and adapting to a volatile world. 

These challenges, along with a general lack of appreciation for the investment required to be crisis ready, can all have an impact on crisis preparedness. 

For a truly effective crisis management team and functional crisis preparedness system, you need structure, skillset, and mindset. These make up our crisis performance framework. Depending on the needs of an organisation and level of crisis preparedness maturity, we can use the performance framework to support an organisation. Delivered globally, either in-person or remotely, OSRL’s crisis management specialists can support you every step of the way. We offer bespoke and integrated crisis preparedness solutions, including customised crisis management training, crisis planning, crisis response exercises and simulations, crisis leadership and role-specific coaching.

Need to assess your level of crisis preparedness and readiness? Our online tool can help.


Structure Skillset Mindset


Contact a Crisis Management Specialist

Rosie Buse

EMEA Regional Contact

Name: Rosie Buse

Role: Principal Consultant

Norman Ramos

APAC Regional Contact

Name: Norman Ramos

Role: Principal Consultant / Trainer

Ian Hernandez

Americas Regional Contact

Name: Ian Hernandez

Role: Preparedness Solutions Manager

Mario Fazio

Australia Regional Contact

Name: Mario Fazio

Role: Subsea Manager (APAC)


Crisis Management Services Information Sheet

Crisis Management Services TIS

Crisis Management Training Service Information Sheet

Crisis Management Training

Crisis Planning Service Information Sheet

Crisis Planning and Assurance

Meet our Crisis Management Specialists

We have credible and experienced crisis practitioners with collectively over 300 years of experience. Our team’s cause, belief and purpose are to help people to prepare properly for when a crisis hits. 

Our team is global, comes from different cultures, regions, and skills. They each bring a unique set of experiences that they use to help build your crisis management capability. 

Meet our OSRL Crisis Management Specialists

Case Studies

An Exercise Evolving into a Real Emergency Management

During one training session, the client suffered a real cyber-attack on their IT systems. The training was quickly postponed and the OSRL team were asked to assist with the emergency in the incident command post.

“This type of exercise is extremely useful to test our capability and processes. The training has been so successful that people from other departments outside the emergency management team are requesting to be part of the next training.” 

Read the Case Study

Crisis Management Refresher for Total E&P Denmark

We have had the pleasure of working with our member Total E&P Denmark (TEPDK) since 2017, helping them build and maintain the confidence and competence of their Emergency Management Team (EMT). We recently returned to Denmark to resume this training programme and further develop the skills of TEPDK EMT Members.

“I did enjoy the training, it was insightful and the simulations felt authentic enough to be able to immerse yourself in. Certainly a useful 2 ½ days.” Stephen Patterson, Well Abandonment & Integrity Manager, TEP DK Wells.

Read the Case Study

Strengthening Resilience: Prime Energy's Crisis Management Capability Program

Prime Energy Resources Development BV, a major oil and gas player, engaged us to build crisis management capabilities for their recently acquired gas platform in the Philippines. They recognised the importance of effective crisis management to ensure the safety of the platform and the nearby community.  

With this primary focus in mind, Prime Energy needed a partner to help them build and test their crisis management capabilities.

Read the Case Study