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Our contact details, forms for activation and equipment stockpile and aviation status are found here.

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Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

Oil Spill Response Limited Oil Spill Response Limited
External Links

ITAC Presentations

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Wednesday 2nd October:

ITAC Introduction - Rob Holland

NOC Science Showcase & Technology - Beaton

Responder updates

OSRL - Rob James

MSRC - Mike Sample

NOFO - Kåre-Ludwig Jørgensen

AMOSC - Phillip Starkins

Response Research

NAS Dispersant Study Why and How? - Susan Roberts, National Academy

NAS Dispersant Study Key findings - Tom Coolbaugh, ExxonMobil

GOMRI Synthesis & Legacy - Mike Carron


Thursday 3rd October:

Responder updates

ITOPF - Richard Johnson

CEDRE - Ivan Calvez

Government responder updates

NOAA - Scott Lundgren

MCA - Hazel Christie

MNZ - Scott Read

Surveillance & Situational Awareness

Data Management - Dawn Gibson, Shell

Autonomous Systems - Christian Haselwimmer, Chevron

Responder research

SSDI Modelling research - Rachel Philip, University of Oxford

Mechanical Dispersion - Per Brandvik, SINTEF

Oil Biodegradation - Boyd McKew, University of Essex

Submerged Oil Detection - Brian Mitchell, MERL Consulting

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil and Industry Updates

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Manufacture and shipping - Alexandra Ebbinghaus, Shell

Low Sulphur Fuel Oil Behaviour and response - Per Daling, SINTEF

IPIECA Oil Spill Group updates - Andy Nicoll, IPIECA

Advances in ISB - Tim Nedwed, ExxonMobil


Friday 4th October:

Response research

DWH Counter Historical Study (CCA) - Paul Schuler, OSRL

MPRI – Canada field trials - Ken Lee, Oceans Canada

Ecotoxicology - Frederike Keitel-Gröner, NORCE

Future Horizons –Spill researchers and ITAC review

Rapid Impact Assessment Tools - Kat Colvin, University of Exeter

Microbial responses - Gareth Thomas, University of Essex

Biosurfactants - Christina Nikolova, Heriot-Watt University