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OSRL's Subsea Well Intervention Services (SWIS) require expertise from across the oil and gas industry. Therefore, OSRL is working in partnership with Oceaneering and Trendsetter to enable an effective global response to subsea well incidents.
Here you can find out about the different roles that Oceaneering and Trendsetter play in a subsea incident and how they interact with OSRL and the Incident Owner

Trendsetter Enginerring Incorporated is a premier provider of specialised subsea solutions for the oil and gas industry. They develop well containment packages for spill response, solving unconventional problems with conventional field proven technology, especially in a crisis environment.
Trendsetter manufactured and maintains the four Capping Stack Systems.
During a subsea well incident Trendsetter will prepare the Capping Stack System for deployment. They:

  • Will mobilise engineers to the location of the chosen Capping Stack System
  • For sea mobilisation – will run pre-deployment tests
  • For air mobilisation – will dismantle and pack the Capping Stack into containers
  • Can send engineers to in-country port to reassemble and run pre-deployment test, subject to a separate contract with the Incident Owner
  • Can act as an in-country point of contact for technical enquiries

Trendsetter Houston, Texas, USA
For more information, including telephone numbers, visit: 

Oceaneering is a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications.
Oceaneering manufactured and maintains the two Subsea Incident Response Toolkits.
During a subsea well incident Oceaneering:

  • Will work with OSRL to mobilise the Subsea Incident Response Toolkits
  • Can act as a point of contact for technical enquiries

Oceaneering AS Stavanger, Norway
For more information, including telephone numbers, visit: