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Global Exercises 2021

viernes, 15 de enero de 2021

Global Exercises 2021

Whenever we have a large mobilisation, our personnel may be asked to support the incident in a variety of ways, from working in the command center to working on the cleanup itself.

As a commitment to our clients that our technical competencies are kept up-to-date, OSRL is pleased to make available our Global Exercise Planner incorporating the different elements of the Tiered Preparedness and Response wheel.  


Members of OSRL are welcome to observe or join us in these exercises

Come and experience first-hand how we nurture and develop our staff technical expertise in various specialised fields required for advising and supporting clients in oil spill preparedness and response.

There are several types of exercises available but the four core Service Level Agreement (SLA) exercises are exercised twice a year in Singapore and Southampton:

  1. Offshore surface Dispersant
  2. At Sea containment and Recovery
  3. Shoreline Clean up
  4. IMS

SWIS (Subsea Well Intervention Services) exercises follow a similar pattern to that of SLA, but also focus on the mobilisation of hardware to the required points of embarkation.


How you can participate

For more information on how you can participate and the location of the exercises,  view the Global Exercise Planner  and download the exercise calendar today! 

Due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions or operational reasons, OSRL reserves the right to change or adapt the exercise schedule/type as required.

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