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Bespoke Enhanced Oil Spill Responder Training for Petrobras

martes, 1 de septiembre de 2015

Maintaining the highest level of preparedness is a key priority for Petrobras. As part of their preparedness strategy, Petrobras required an in-country training program for their field and management staff and approached OSRL to see whether its internal training program could be adapted to meet this requirement.

To meet the Petrobras requirement, the 14 week OSRL ‘Offline’ Training Course was condensed to five weeks by omitting all of the Tier 3 specific elements to create a program entirely tailored to the specific needs of Petrobras.

The four 5 week courses were run at bases in Sao Sebastian, Itajai, Fortelaza and Angra dos Reis, with a 3 day exercise on Guanabarra Bay in Rio de Janeiro. Each course contained elements of offshore, shoreline and inland response, with deployments and exercises based on existing plans.

This approach had the added benefit of testing these documents for accuracy and currency, something which had not been carried out recently.

The ‘Train the Trainer’ element took selected delegates through planning, objective setting, and how to get the most out of exercises and the participants. The delegates were from across the Brazilian regions, so upon successful conclusion of the course they could return to their response bases to conduct similar Petrobras courses to staff and contractors.

Over the past year there has been evidence of this happening through requests for advice and information. Evidence of the success of the project was seen immediately by the training programmes that were set up round the response bases following the completion of the initial programme provided by OSRL.

In addition, a number of exercises and a series of capability audits took place. OSRL made equipment and maintenance recommendations during the course of the project, and these too have been addressed by the client to further improve its preparedness capability.

OSRL’s delivery of Enhanced Responder Training fully met Petrobras’ objectives and expectations of the training programme to the extent that a further course was requested and delivered for employees of the E & P Department of Petrobras.

The training programme OSRL delivered for Petrobras is an excellent example of how OSRL training can be tailored to individual client’s requirements, ensuring delivery of a course specific to a client’s operations, environment, spill risk and regulatory requirements.