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Preparing for a Grey Rhino Event

The Shipping Industry has gone beyond ‘Black Swans’ and is now on the lookout for ‘Grey Rhinos’ – should you be too?

No business operates in a vacuum. Instead, we are all part of a complex and competitive ecosystem – beholden to market dynamics and shifts in public attitudes that are largely beyond our control.

The shipping industry is not exempt from these external forces and must constantly adapt; whether to new regulatory requirements or other, more singular and individual levers.

Author: James Tan


Remote, Low Carbon, Efficient. Responding to oil spills in a post pandemic virtual world.

The perceived wisdom is that we cannot make the right decisions without boots on the ground.

Around the world corporations and individuals are being challenged to reduce their carbon footprint and international air travel is a key focus.

If we can get just four things right, then remote incident management could become a reality.

Authors: Rob James, Daniel White


Is It Time To Say Goodbye To the Cavalry


Thoughts on improving preparedness, overcoming response challenges & increasing spill risks due to extreme weather events

Covid-19, Climate Change and Remote Locations: Challenging Times for Oil Spill Prevention and Response

Events such as the recent spill in Norilsk, Russia have highlighted that some organisations are missing key risks when designing systems to prevent and respond to oil spills. It is incumbent on all operators to ensure they continuously review their risk profile and consider changing or emerging risks such as climate change and the current pandemic, particularly in remote locations where any response is inevitably complex.

How could more extensive preparedness enable companies to imagine the unimaginable caused by unprecedented climate change?

Authors: Fiona Carson, Marcus Russell




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Socioeconomic Impacts of Oil Spills

Marine oil spills do not only have environmental effects but socio-economic effects as well. In this webinar, our APAC Training and Consultant Lead - Mr. Norman Lorica Ramos will walk through with you some of the socio-economic effects through a case study and highlight considerations needed for holistic decision making.

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Podcast -Reputation and inflight review.jpg

The theme this week is on the ‘R’ of the PEAR; how some reputations have been shredded and others enhanced when facing the same COVID challenge. A crisis can expose a reputation and the team explores what some countries, companies and individuals have done or not done to protect or ruin their reputation.

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Treasure Spill Image.png

The Treasure oil spill resulted in the contamination of 19 000 African penguins and one of the largest oiled wildlife response efforts in history. 20 years on, what is the current status of the African penguin population, and what can this successful rescue effort tell us about wildlife response preparedness good practice?

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