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What challenges are faced with an ongoing wellhead release?

lunes, 20 de mayo de 2019

Trinidad Podcast

OSRL mobilised a team of responders to Trinidad to work alongside a national oil company in response to an ongoing release from a wellhead a short distance offshore. Our responders were able to lead offshore containment and recovery operations until the release could be controlled, and the well killed.

Here, Jamie Gathercole discusses some of the challenges the team had to contend with throughout the response, and a first for OSRL as we were able to utilise Unmanned Aerial Vehicle footage to support a spill response in real-time.

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Author Bio(s)

Jamie Gathercole

Duty Manager

Jamie has been with OSRL since 2012, joining with a MRes in Ocean Science. Jamie spent most of his first six years with OSRL in the Response department, and was deployed to spills in the UK, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and West Africa. 

He also spent a year seconded into BP’s North Sea Emergency Response team in Aberdeen as an Oil Spill Preparedness and Response Advisor. 

In 2018 Jamie moved into OSRL’s Training and Consultancy department. Applying his Operational background, he has worked with various operators managing and conducting capability reviews, developing response plans, and more recently has led a series of Crisis Management training at a range of locations.

In addition Jamie is a member of OSRL’s Dispersant Core Group, under the SME Programme.