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OSRL and Oceaneering successfully conduct SIRT mobilisation exercise in Brazil

miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016

OSRL owns, maintains and stores in a response ready state, the equipment required for well-intervention operations. This global footprint is projected from four permanent bases which operate in addition to their comprehensive conventional spill response capability.

In October 2016, OSRL in coordination with Oceaneering successfully exercised the mobilisation of the SWIS Subsea Intervention Response Toolkit (SIRT), located at Oceaneering base in Macaé/Rio de Janeiro (approx. 370km distance from the SWIS Capping Stack based in Angra/Rio de Janeiro).

The objective of the exercise was to validate and test response processes and procedures that would be utilised during a mobilisation. The physical movement of goods ensures the engagement of all required parties that would be called upon in a real activation.

The exercise also provided the opportunity to measure Oceaneering’s and 3rd party response timing specifically regarding lifting and transportation of OSRL equipment.

One SWIS team member joined Oceaneering to oversee operations. The rest of the team remained at the main base in Angra dos Reis, providing support and administration for the exercise.

The exercise produced some excellent learning points which will be incorporated into our procedures going forward - including enhanced route planning and documentation improvements. OSRL were extremely pleased with the performance of Oceaneering and supporting contractors.


“Conducting regular training and exercises ensure that OSRL and supporting contractors remain fully conversant in their roles and responsibilities, and if required can safely and efficiently mobilise subsea response equipment on behalf of our Members. Only though continuous exercising can we further develop processes, procedures and build relationships with supporting contractors to ensure we remain in a response ready state”,  James Burroughs, SWIS Operations Manager