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Oil spill equipment kit : A bliss or a nightmare?

martes, 16 de octubre de 2018

Oil Spill Equipment Kit - A bliss or nightmare?

When was the last time you reviewed your oil spill response equipment kit?


If the answer is some time ago, the good news is you are not alone but the bad news is you are leaving your business reputation to chance. Should the kit be in poor condition, what follows can be a costly lesson that could be easily prevented with some pre-planning.


When we are busy running our core business, decisions about the oil spill response equipment kit can be easily neglected. What’s intended as an onsite ready-to-deploy resource can work against you if the following are not thought through:



• Is the equipment properly stored to prevent deterioration due to elements of the weather and climate?


• When was the equipment exercised to ensure its working condition?


• Has anyone been identified to operate the equipment?


• Has anyone been trained to deploy the equipment?


• When was the last training?


• Is there a logistics plan to deploy it such as:


- Designating a spot near the potential spill site as holding area for the equipment?


- Is the equipment strategically located to facilitate deployment at short notice?


-  What is the mode(s) of transport for  the equipment and are these feasible?


• Is there any unnecessary spending on equipment that do not cater specifically to the operation needs?


• Are there any missing parts that needs to be refurnished?


• What else can be done to improve your response readiness?


• Is it compatible with your oil spill response supplier’s equipment should you require Tier 2/3 support?


Over the years, we have helped several oil and gas businesses unpack their unused equipment, reassessed the working condition, refurnished missing parts and trained their personnel.  We have taken businesses from a stage where equipmentwas left intact in its original packaging to a state of optimum readiness, meeting audit standards.


If you think sorting out your oil spill response equipment kit is nothing short of a daunting task, let us help you fix it!  Download our brochure to find out more.