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Introducing our Global Logistics Team

domingo, 9 de febrero de 2020

Introducing our Global Logistics Team


It cannot be stressed enough the importance of logistics in the world of spill response. As a global company, OSRL’s personnel and equipment are strategically placed across the globe to ensure a fast and effectual response. We want to make sure that we can get resources from our bases to the designated site as effectively and in the safest manner as possible. However, contrary to popular belief, this is not as simple as moving from point A to B. Hence, OSRL has a team of logistics experts working globally to ensure the smoothest movement of OSRL’s personnel and equipment anywhere around the globe, whether it be during a response or peace time.

What is Global Logistics Team?

This is a team of experts working globally to provide OSRL and the wider industry with high quality subject matter expertise on logistics. Mainly, the team’s objective is to ensure personnel and cargo are moved in a safe manner, which is compliant with internal processes and procedures, and in accordance with applicable regulations. Furthermore, this team will strengthen OSRL’s logistics capabilities by managing, improving and streamlining procedures and processes related to equipment and personnel movement. To achieve this, the team manages global and regional logistics support contracts, closely liaising with logistics providers.

What Services are Provided?

Within the business, the Global Logistics function aim to enhance OSRL’s logistics capabilities by providing:

·         24/7 global assistance for response in the event of a spill in terms of equipment and personnel logistics

·         Manage shipments for all departments within OSRL (Response, EHS & SWIS) 

·         Provision of subject matter experts to lead and support consultancy services 

·         Support the booking of travel during Business as Usual activities and for response


Members also directly benefit from our Global Logistics Team, with the introduction of the Logistics Execution Plan (LEP). This document provides high quality logistics plan on mobilising all OSRL resources, providing valuable insight on critical paths and potential bottlenecks in the event of a response. Knowing our equipment, the logistics experts can develop the most suitable logistics plan on OSRL resource mobilisation.


Last Year Accomplishments

Established in July 2019, the Global Logistics Team have had the opportunity to make its mark in the business and wider industry. This includes:

  • Arrange for the importation and subsequent re-exportation of equipment for response activities in Bahamas and Indonesia
  • Carry out consultancy work for members
  • Deliver “Logistics Workshop” for members
  • Support major exercises
  • Enhance and further develop Logistics Planning Guides available to OSRL members

Upcoming Activities

With an exciting year ahead of us, the Global Logistics Team has an inciting prospect to further integrate into the industry. Stay tuned for more updates on the Global Logistics Team and see what they can bring to the industry!