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IOGP Report 591: Guidance for Subsea Source Control Competency and Skills

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2021

This report was developed to share guidance with those interested in understanding subsea well response competency and the skills that sit within it. This report focuses on Source  Control Branch workers and provides guidance that enhances an already established skillset, such as a Drilling Superintendent or Subsea Operations Manager. The contents of this report target response organization leaders and not individual contributors. Competency is an element of organizational preparedness and builds on IOGP Report 594 – Source Control Emergency Response Planning Guide for Subsea Wells.

Topics addressed in this report include:

  • Defining a general subsea well response organization and the roles within it
  • Identifying common or general incident management fundamentals that could be of interest to the subsea response organization
  • Identifying specific technical skills that subsea responders would benefit from
  • Describing the level of skill that is recommended for given response position
  • Defining the content that make up the skill
  • Provide a detailed overview of the response organization roles, responsibilities, and deliverables



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