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Oil Spill Response Limited Oil Spill Response Limited

Edelina Melisa

Senior Consultant

Edelina is an experienced professional in crisis and incident management as well as oil spill preparedness and response. She is currently a Senior Consultant based in OSRL Singapore. She has led and delivered various Preparedness projects including contingency planning, tiered capability reviews, design and facilitation of crisis and incident management exercises, as well as oil spill response and crisis/incident management training globally. She is currently seconded to ExxonMobil to support the emergency preparedness and response activities in the Asia Pacific region. She also has extensive field experience gained through responding to oil spill incidents as well as involved in major exercises.


Edelina is actively involved in technical development and industry advocacy activities by participating in international conferences and leading the development and improvement of OSRL preparedness services. She is also a part of the Incident Management System (IMS) Core Group in OSRL. Before joining OSRL, Edelina worked at a major multinational oil and gas company based in Indonesia, as part of the crisis management, emergency response, and business continuity management team.


Edelina holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Indonesia and a Master in Management of Technology from the National University of Singapore.