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Emergency Contact Numbers

Please note that:

Response services are guaranteed ONLY for Members. Non-members are not guaranteed a response and will be required to sign a Non-member contract. Services and rates differ. Duty managers can be contacted for exercises.

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Service Provider Response Times

Under the contract that OSRL have with the Service Provider, there are a number of options available to OSRL to allow a fast and effective response.

During daylight hours dedicated OSRL aircrew are on standby at Doncaster Sheffield Airport, UK with a dedicated aircraft. OSRL will task the aircraft within 30 minutes (i.e. inform the Service Provider of the requirement to conduct an aerial surveillance flight). The mobilisation time for this service should be within 60 minutes (this mobilisation time includes the 30 minutes tasking time). If required, the Boeing 727 can be wheels up within 4 hours with Dasic Slickgone NS dispersant (UKCS only*) for a dispersant spraying flight during the day and can be mobilised during the night for spraying at first light.

*For any other mobilisation or for greater volumes of dispersant, response times will be as per the Participant/Associate Membership Agreement.

The figures below illustrate the transit times for the Piper PA-31 Navajo and Boeing 727 aircraft, all of which have a transit time chart from their home bases. These charts give indicative flight times suitable for planning purposes. Please be aware that transit times do not include mobilisation times or time to refuel on route.

  • Mobilisation time for the Piper PA-31 Navajo is 1 hour from receipt of a Mobilisation Authorisation Form.

  • Mobilisation time for the Boeing 727 is 4 hours from receipt of a Mobilisation Authorisation Form.


PA-31 Navajo Aircraft- Home base Doncaster Sheffield Airport, UK


Boeing 727Aircraft  - Home base Doncaster Sheffield Airport, UK